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One-of-a-Kind Gifts!

One-of-Kind gifts are the perfect way to show your wife, girlfriend, daughter, mom, sister, husband, brother, and besties how much you love them.

Make it personal with a bar or monogram necklace.

With the many variations and unique design of each necklace, this gift can truly be one-of-a-kind. Bar necklaces can be embellished with diamonds or gemstones, can lay vertical or horizontal, and can be customized with engravings.

Does your loved one have a special appreciation of art and the unusual?

Give the gift of history with the exceptional handmade piqué-a-jour Life Collection and astonishing fifteen-hundred-year-old Bronze crosses from Nouveau 1910. Crafted in Barcelona, Spain, Nouveau’s crosses and coins are genuine artifacts of Byzantium that have been unearthed in archaeological digs and discovered in shipwreck dives of the Ancient Holy Land.

Shop our One-of-a-Kinds Gifts today!

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